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Jun 21, 2016

Hamptons Style Interiors in Perth: How to get the look

Jun 21, 2016

Hamptons Style Interiors have taken the interior design and decorating world by storm! At Amerex, we are increasingly fielding questions about the Hamptons Look. Some people call it Hamptons Design, Hamptons Style or the Hamptons Look. Whatever you want to call it, it is so hot right now! We are getting asked:



The answer to all of the above is a resounding YES!


In fact, the Hamptons style works remarkably well in Western Australian homes. Our laid back and outdoors lifestyle with an abundance of sunshine is very similar to the Hamptons lifestyle. Have a look at this home completed in Nedlands and be inspired by the Hamptons style interiors and decorating. It is simply stunning.


I can almost hear your next questions – What exactly is Hamptons style decor?  And, Where did it come from?


What is Hamptons Style and where did it come from?

The Hamptons style comes from an area known simply as ‘The Hamptons’. The Hamptons is an coastal area on Long Island, north of New York. This is where rich and famous New Yorkers spend their summer holidays, in their luxury holiday homes.


These homes ooze style and class in a casual, yet sophisticated way. When done well, the Hamptons style feels casual and relaxed, yet with quality classic finishes it also has an elegant edge.


What does the Hamptons Interior Style look like?

Kitchen and Dining Room after renovation


The Hamptons interior style typically looks very light, bright and breezy with plenty of natural daylight streaming in. Colours are predominately white with blue and lemon accents.


Key features and ways to achieve the Hamptons look are to follow a nautical inspired colour palette, a strong emphasis on white, with natural products such as timber featuring on the floors and in furniture.


White, white, breezy and white

A white colour palette is a very important and key to the overall look. As such, walls are usually painted soft white. White reflects the light and is important ingredient in achieving the bright and breezy and open feel.


New white kitchen with clean lines

White classic Kitchens

Again white, white and more white. Splashbacks are typically high gloss or white subway tiles. The overall feel of the kitchen should have a glamourous edge so stone benchtops work very well.


Charcoal and chrome accents in appliances and chairs are fine, as long as the kitchen is predominantly white.

Home extension with extra kids bedrooms upstairsFloors are timber

Timber floors are just one of the reasons why this look works well with Perth character homes which nearly always have jarrah floorboards. For a point of difference you can bleach old floorboards, or even stain them darker. We prefer to leave them natural and polished, but if you want to change up your look these are options to consider.


Timber Furniture

Timber furniture also works well with this look. Consider a rustic oak dining table and occasional tables in a lighter coloured timber.


Hamptons style interior colour paletteRelaxed fabric Lounges keeping within the nautical colour scheme

Lounges/sofas are relaxed fabric such as linen and are either neutral in colour or nautical blue and may even have light stripes. If you go for a neutral beige or soft white, it is very easy to accessorise with cushions to add in a pop of colour.




Home extension with new kitchenElegant Lighting

Lighting features elegant pendant lights over island benches and large table lamps in living areas make from metal or linen or blue ceramic.



Hamptons style nautical interior design


Coastal ornaments and decorating

Decorating Hamptons style is easy to achieve. A super easy way is to introduce coastal aspects.


Ornamental items such as shells, driftwood, blue bottles, or nautical themed pictures framed in white or with a driftwood border work beautifully.


Character and timber trims and detailing

White Wall Panelling hamptons styleHamptons style interiors love details such as old fireplaces, architraves, skirting boards, cornices and wall panelling. Many of these features are already present in Perth character homes.


At Amerex, we have also noticed that wall panelling is starting to become popular lately. Not the old dark timber kind you would have found in an old Drawing Room. Just simple panelling painted white. This can be done quite affordably and can provide a great look and feel to a room.


What you need consider at the Design stage

Addition of alfresco area


Natural daylight is important – in fact key – to achieving the light and breezy feel of the Hamptons style. You must therefore, make sure that you think about this at the design stage. It is hard to make windows larger later on!


The Hamptons Style design needs to incorporate large windows, and large openings such as bifold doors across the rear of the home opening up onto an living area. Again, this is perfect for Australian homes, and in particular character homes that are looking to add a home extension at the rear.


Large windows and doors that open up, are complemented perfectly with white wooden shutters and sheer curtains.


The exterior of the Hamptons Look

hamptons style home in australia


Landscaping is neat and manicured and white picket fencing sets everything off perfectly. Again this is perfect for the gorgeous character homes in Perth’s older suburbs.



Gable style roof with balconies on two-storey homes. With most Perth character homes featuring gables already, you can quickly see why the Hamptons style is so easy to adapt to an Australian home.


Hamptons style pool and cabana


Externally, painted white timber and/or mouldings around the windows are common features, with dark or charcoal roofs often playing a part in the look, though not essential.


Light fittings are of a lantern-style design are a popular part of the look too.



Coastal living The Hamptons


Whether you call it the Hamptons Look, Hamptons Style, or Hamptons design, it seems that this look is here to stay.


The look is easy to achieve, and is so classic that it stands the test of time, just like the beautiful homes on Long Island.

Can we help you achieve the Hamptons Style Interior and Exterior in your home? Contact the friendly Amerex team to discuss your Perth Home Improvement project.


We hope that the above has been interesting and helpful.


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