Should you put a bath in your house? Bath or no bath? 

Increasingly homeowners are asking whether their home needs to have a bath. Whether you decide on having a bath or not in your bathroom(s) or ensuite depends on a number factors such as: 

  • How much space does your bathroom have?
  • Is it an ensuite to the master bedroom or a kids bathroom?
  • Will having a bath appeal to a potential buyer when you sell your home?
  • Is it a family home or an apartment?
  • Would NOT having a bath devalue your home in the future?
Ensuite bathroom without a bath.

These are just some of the factors that affect your decision on whether to put a bath in or not. In the end, it all comes down to personal choice.  

If your home is to be occupied by a young family, we recommend having at least one bath in the home. Being able to bath young children – or even wash the family dog! – are essential requirements for young families. 

Bathroom with a free-standing bath

When is ok NOT to have a bath? 

It is quite common for apartments and smaller homes aimed at having only one or two occupants to skip having a bath. This primarily comes down to eliminating a bath for space reasons.  

A great alternative for those if the space is tight, is to have a bathtub/shower combo. That is, a shower that runs straight into the bath.  

While these are a viable option, we generally we advise our clients against these as they can be messy (with water not being contained) and offer a solution for both that is not quite satisfactory. They are also a terrible solution for older people or anyone with mobility issues or injuries who may find it difficult to climb in and out of a bath.  

Best reasons for having a bath in the home 

We always recommend having a bath in a home. If you have enough space it is a worthwhile investment. These are our top 4 reasons for having a bath in your home: 

  • Adds value and greater appeal to your home for resale. 
  • Great for bathing young children – kids just love playing in the bath and this is such a great part of the day where they can simply enjoy themselves while getting clean at the same time. 
  • Provides a peaceful place to soak and relax for the adults in the house too! 
  • It is handy to wash the family dog! 

In fact, with the increasing trend of bathrooms becoming more luxurious and providing a peaceful sanctuary away from the pressures of modern life, a bathroom is starting to become a ‘must-have’ item on the list for house-hunters.

There is nothing better than a soapy soak in a warm bath to soothe a tired body at the end of the day, grab a book, perhaps burn a few candles and forget the worries of the world. But if you ask ‘Bath or no Bath?’ the answer is entirely up to you!