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Multi-generational home extensions

Multi-generational living is an emerging trend in Australia. We’re seeing more Perth families opting for this lifestyle and designing their homes accordingly.

What is multi-generational living? Multi-generational living is when multiple adults of different generations in one family are living in the same house, e.g. parents, adult children and grandparents.

Traditional homes don’t always allow for inter-generational living. This is why home extensions are becoming more popular. You can customise your living arrangements to suit the needs of the family.

There are a myriad of scenarios that create the need for multi-generational homes. Every family is different. You may have family members that require assistance or your adult children are still living at home. Whatever your reason, living under the same roof can just make sense.

Grandparents can look after the grandkids

Do your parents look after the kids? Childcare is more convenient when your parents live at home. It saves you the cost of childcare, reduces the cost of running two separate homes, and the grandchildren develop a special bond with their grandparents.

Ageing in a safe family environment

Elderly parents need care and support, but you may not want your parents or grandparents to live in a nursing home. Being able to provide accommodation to ageing family members can give them a better quality of life and allow you to rest easier at night.

Assisted living

Do you have a family member who requires extra support? Home extensions allow you to design a home around the needs of your loved one. You can customise the house in a way that works best for your family.

Adult-aged children staying at home

It’s no secret that young adults are struggling to break into the housing market. Children are staying in the family home well into adulthood and leaving home later in life. Multi-generational living gives each family a space of their own.

How to create a functional multi-generational home?

We find ourselves designing and building more customised home extensions to meet the unique requirements for multi-generational living.

The go-to solution used to be building a granny flat out the back, but smaller block sizes don’t always allow for this. There is also a limit on size – 70m2.

At Amerex, we prefer to create home extensions or second storey additions. This way, you can design a custom space to suit the needs of your family without being beholden to granny flat regulations.

Privacy in separate rooms

Adding a second storey separates the family zones into two distinct areas. The younger family might live upstairs and the older generation downstairs, making for a more harmonious living arrangement.

Separate entrances

Multi-generational living is about supporting each other. Separate entrances enable family members to come and go as they please. It gives family members a sense of independence and privacy.

Accessibility factors and future proofing your home

Accessibility is an important consideration for some members of the family, e.g steps may become hazardous. Your renovations may include ramps instead of stairs or wider doorways to allow for wheelchair access.

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