Easy DIY Renovation Ideas for every home

We are all spending much more time at home nowadays so it makes sense we have time to spruce up around the place and do some DIY renovations. This is most certainly not just for the Dad in the house. There are stacks of DIY tasks that all family members can do, regardless of age and skill level! Best of all, the ideas we have listed below are low-cost and don’t need a lot of know-how. Though to change taps you may need to consult You-tube!

These easy DIY Renovation ideas can deliver great rewards with just a little bit of effort. With a little bit of elbow grease and perhaps a few dollars at the local hardware store (please support local small business!) – if you can get out to your local hardware at the moment – you can choose what you have time for and what your home needs the most.

1 – Declutter and tidy up your yard

Remove damaged or rusted furniture and rubbish from the yard. Clear any old junk mail out of the letterbox and consider getting a ‘No Junk Mail’ label and reduce your contribution to landfill. Having a neat and tidy yard at the front of your home contributes to your home’s street appeal and can also add value to your home.

2 – Pressure clean hard surfaces

Paved driveways, paths and outdoor entertaining areas get stained and look dull over time. Hire a pressure cleaner from your local equipment hire store and freshen up your outdoor areas in just one day. If your driveway or path still look dull, consider investing in some paving paint to give them a real lift.

3 – Freshen up your Landscaping

Trim and prune overgrown plants and trees, weed garden beds and paths and mow the lawn. Take it up a level and plant some fresh flowers in the garden or pots, mulch your garden beds and create outdoor spaces that are inviting.

Take it next level and plant a vegie patch and take a step towards becoming self-sustainable. If you have kids at home this is the perfect project to keep them busy. They can help plant, water and harvest. For older kids you can make this a maths project by having them graph the growth of seedlings each day. With younger kids, you can get them to do drawings of the different stages of the vegetable’s growth.

4 – Replace old or leaky taps and showerheads

Taps in bathrooms and kitchens get a lot of wear and tear over time. If you have any leaky taps, you would be amazed to learn how much water you are wasting over the duration of a year. Replace old with new modern taps that are designed to restrict the water flow. Modern water-saving taps aerate the water flow so it appears that the water pressure is the same, but less water is being used. Over time this will save money in future water bills too. The more taps that you replace, the greater the saving over time.

5 – Replace showerheads

The same goes for showerheads. Many of the older style showerheads drip and leak even when turned off so again you have ongoing water wastage. Replace these with water-saving showerheads and do your bit for the environment by reducing your water use while saving yourself money in the long term with reduced water bills over time.

6 – Spring Clean

Every so often our homes can benefit from a deep clean. Roll up your sleeves and get busy sprucing up your home. This is one job everyone in the family can get into it. Make it fun for kids by putting some music on and have a sing-along at the same time.

A deep clean will get to all the areas that your regular cleaning doesn’t. Areas such as marks on walls, cleaning windows, grime around light switches, dusting the top of cabinets, behind and under furniture and more. Don’t forget to clean out your pantry and go thru your fridge too.

7 – Time to Get Painting

Every home can benefit from a fresh coat of paint in the living areas from time to time. Painting is an interesting DIY task. At the outset, it appears to be an easy task, but do not be fooled, it can take longer than you expect. Good preparation is crucial, so if you do not have the time to prepare your surfaces properly, save this task for another time.

A job done well can be a beauty to behold. Ensure you do the correct preparation and apply the right number of coats. A poor paint-job can really look awful so be realistic about your time and your skills. On the other hand, if you prepare well and follow the correct steps, and are nice and neat cutting in around the edges, a great paint-job can provide a fantastic face-lift to any area of the home.