How to Choose a Hamptons Style Dining Table

The Hamptons style of interior decorating has steadily gained popularity and is showing no signs of slowing down. We find that people are asking us more and more questions about how to achieve the look for their home renovation. In particular, we have discovered that one of the most common interior design questions is ‘How do I choose a Hamptons Style Dining Table?’.

The Hamptons colour palette is light and breezy, with crisp whites, nautical touches of blue and natural timber to provide warmth. There are great pics of homes all over Instagram and Pinterest that are nailing this brief so it is easy to find inspiration. But how do you apply these basic rules to find a Hamptons style dining table?

When it comes to choosing a Hamptons Style Dining Table, many homeowners are finding that they are getting stuck!

Where do you start?

Some areas of the home are easier than others are easier to decorate than others. For example, the living area is easy, simply go for neutral colours and upholstered lounges. Styling the lounge room to create a Hamptons feel is relatively easy and fun with cushions, throws and lamps and inspiration is easy to find if you look around. It is also easy to change with a simple update of soft furnishings. The kitchen is another area where nailing the hamptons look is easy to achieve provided you have a great kitchen company on board with your kitchen renovation project. Hamptons kitchens are all about crisp white kitchens, beautiful benchtops (stone benchtops such as Caesarstone are a must-have in our opinion!) and classic pendant lighting over the breakfast bar form the cornerstone of this look.

But when it comes to the dining room, many are left scratching their heads. All of sudden they realise ‘I have no idea what type of dining table fits with the Hamptons look?!’.

We talked to the Hamptons Experts

The dining table is a key piece of furniture and choosing a piece that complements your kitchen and living area is the key to pulling your hamptons look together. To find out more, and to find some answers, we tapped into the font of knowledge that is all things hamptons with Elaine Ellis from Henry and Oliver, Perth’s leading hamptons furniture specialist. We asked Elaine ‘how do you select a Hamptons dining room table, what do you look for, and how do you know if it is a good fit?

Elaine explains that a natural wood table with classic clean lines and beautifully carved legs is the perfect choice for a Hampton Style Dining Room.  But there is much more to consider too. Working out the best style, shape and colour of your Dining Table to suit your lifestyle can be a tricky decision if you don’t consider the right factors.

Ever since open plan living became a must-have design for aussie homes, the kitchen and dining areas have become the hub of the home and with this, the humble dining table has worked its way to the front, and has become the centre of attention! Think about it. The dining table can be a place where your kids do their homework, games are played, washing is sorted, morning coffee is savoured and where meals and special occasions are enjoyed together.

The Shape of your Table – Small, Large, Round, Rectangle?

Before you choose this important piece of furniture, take a step back and plan your space. Plan your room by looking at your other furniture and what would suit the same style? Where are the doorways? What type of flooring is there? How many people would you like to seat comfortably at your table? The answers to these questions will help you decide whether you choose a large, small, round or rectangular table.

Apart from being an expert in all things Hamptons, Elaine also has a background in Interior Design and gives some advice about table size and shape ‘Round Tables are practical in high traffic areas, especially those with a single leg underneath which allows enough leg room for a number of chairs. If you need something compact, square tables are best as they can easily be tucked into a corner. Large square tables can command a larger room, and can appear more overpowering than a traditional rectangle table. As most dining rooms are rectangular spaces, large square tables may restrict space; rectangular or oval tables are more suitable for these rooms.’

Hamptons Dining Chairs

When it comes to choosing chairs to go with your hamptons dining table, you have several options available. This will depend on the particular style of Hamptons you choose whether it’s beachy, upmarket or contemporary there are many styles that will work.

Dining chairs can be an eclectic mix of the classic cross-back timber chair – either painted white or natural – to a beautifully upholstered linen chair in blue or classic neutral tones. Going for a more rustic look is probably a better option for busy young families. Upholstered chairs can be more formal and a better fit for an upmarket or more mature styled approach.

Hamptons Styling Tips

Styling the table is a cinch – whether you are going for beachy hamptons or upmarket hamptons – the possibilities are endless! Some easy ideas include a statement light fixture hanging above the dining table, a gorgeous rug underneath (blue and white strips are popular) and a classic blue and white hamptons style vase overflowing with a generous flower arrangement as a centrepiece.