5 Tips for Hamptons Style Interiors in Your Perth Home

Hamptons style interiors are taking Perth by storm. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard and seen that Hamptons style décor is the trend that refuses to go away.

So what is the Hamptons Style?

The Hamptons style is derived from the beautiful beachside homes near New York which are famous as being the playground for the rich and famous. These are a far cry from the basic Wedge Island shacks or sparsely furnished Rotto villas that many Western Australians flock to in summer! The New York Hamptons oozes with money, style and effortless coastal chic.

So why does the Hamptons style translate so well in Perth when we are on the side of the world? Well, despite the distance, Perth has a lot in common with the Hamptons. We have sunny weather, blue skies and proximity to beautiful sandy beaches. However, unlike New Yorkers who live in a busy metropolis and escape to the Hamptons for holidays, we are spoilt here in Perth, as we can enjoy a fantastic and relaxed lifestyle without having to escape.

This is where the Hamptons style has so much relevance here. Australians are adopting the Hamptons style into their homes, and creating an atmosphere of beautiful and relaxed coastal chic that they can enjoy every single day. In Australia, the Hamptons are not about taking holidays, the Hamptons look is about everyday living and living in comfort and style.

We found out more from the Hamptons Experts in Perth….

Henry and Oliver are one Perth store that knows and understands the Hamptons style inside and out. Their store in Osborne Park is packed from end to end with beautiful and timeless furniture and homewares inspired by the coastal Hamptons lifestyle.

We chatted with Elaine Ellis from Henry and Oliver who says ‘We love the relaxed coastal yet homely feel of the Hamptons look. It’s packed with beautiful layers of detailing such as cabinetry, plush upholstered sofas and timeless furniture pieces such as pedestal legs tables which make the Hamptons look so inviting.’ We asked Elaine for her top tips on how to style a Perth home using Hamptons Style Interiors as inspiration.

We were surprised to learn that mirrors and artwork can make a difference! Read on and learn…

How to Nail the Hamptons Colour palette – TIP 1

Elaine advises: ‘Start with a neutral colour base. Painting your walls in soft greys and whites is the perfect place to start.

Suzanne Burke, the General Manager at Amerex agrees and adds ‘we are seeing a huge trend with the grey palette in interiors and exterior of homes that we are renovating. Once upon a time grey was considered a taboo colour as many thought it was gloomy or depressing. However, when used with white accents such as crisp white window frames and white timber doors it can look fantastic. Modern design has also helped here. With solar passive design utilising natural light where possible, dark gloomy corners of the home are avoided, so the freedom to incorporate darker colours comes into play.

Choose the right Hamptons Furniture – TIP 2

Choose timeless furniture pieces that you love using a mixture of painted and natural wood pieces which will add some warmth and character.

Suzanne added ‘white painted furniture looks great and stealing pieces from other decor styles such as Art Deco, French Provincial and even Scandi decor can also work when mixed and matched with the Hamptons style.’

Layer your look with Hamptons Soft Furnishings – TIP 3

Choose soft linens and cotton rich fabrics for your upholstered furniture and layer them with textured and soft coloured cushions or throws.

Mirrors are often overlooked and can make a big difference – TIP 4

Always use mirrors to increase the natural light and give a feeling of space to any room. This is perfect for homes that are space challenged as it can make a room feel bigger.

Take a look at the side table alongside this beautiful sofa chair. The ‘window’ above it is actually a window-look mirror. A perfect choice for making the room feel bigger and even better if you pick up reflections of the outside garden from a different angle!

Finish the Look with the Perfect Artwork. Would you have thought of this? – TIP 5

So what artwork works with Hamptons styling? Artwork is a personal choice and often a difficult one with others.

Elaine emphasizes that choosing the right artwork is vital and that using pieces that mimic the colour palette used throughout your décor is the key to pulling your overall Hamptons look together.

So there it is! Did you get any ideas for your Hamptons home renovation?

One thing we have learned about Hamptons decor is that it can take on many personalities. There is no one size fits all, and it is easy to personalise to any home.

Whether you are a retired couple looking for luxurious and classic styling, or whether you have a young and boisterous family, the style can be adapted to suit your lifestyle. You can choose a more formal take, or you can opt for a more casual style.

Either Way, The Hamptons Style Looks Great And Is Not Just A Passing Fad. It Is Here To Stay.