Interior Design Trends in Home Renovation

If there is one constant in the world, it is change. Time stands still for no-one. This is especially evident in the world of Interior Design.

What are the next big must-haves in the world of Interior Design Trends?

We have done the research for you. Check out our key predictions for the coming year….

Here comes Terracotta!!!

Who would have thought that anything from 1980’s would become fashionable again? If you wait long enough, everything comes back! Though there is always a small twist, it never comes back quite in the same way.

Terracotta will be used to add warmth in a different way, perhaps as a feature wall in a bathroom.

The many uses for Cork, Plywood and Chipboard!

Everyday materials such as plywood and chipboard will abound and used in interesting ways such as feature walls.

Cork will make a comeback and has many qualities to offer. Cork is a great noise absorber which makes it a great choice in open plan homes. Designers are touting its use in the Home Office to clad walls to provide a massive noticeboard style wall.

Retro and Recycled are set to win big in the Styling stakes

Furniture that has been recycled and repurposed will continue to be hot. Retro styling is hotter than ever with the return of the old style upholstered bedheads (think 1950/60’s)!

Clever use of Space, Nooks and Time-out spaces

Homes with clever design of space and storage will abound.

As block sizes shrink, clever use of space will become important.

People will also increasingly seek out designs that incorporate nooks and time-out places for people to relax and retreat from the busy technological lives that we lead.

Change from blonde woods to dark tones…. Jarrah anyone?

After many years of lighter coloured timber being in favour, there will be a return of darker wood tones.

This is good news for all those character homes with beautiful jarrah floorboards! Classic never goes out of style!

Metallic and Jewel tones

Metallic surfaces and jewel tones will start to take over.

Some Designers are predicting Emerald Green to make a statement, and with the metallic trend will come many reflective surfaces.