suzanne burke hia housing magazine interview 2023

Suzanne featured in Housing Magazine

Suzanne has been interviewed and featured in a double-page spreaad of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Housing Magazine, as part of their ‘Where are they now’ series. Suzanne won the HIA Australian Business Partner of the Year (now known as Small Business Management award) in 2013.
Suzanne reflects back over the last 10 years and share some of her signature pearls of wisdom, such as:
🟢 ‘Success is not an event, it is a process. If the process is followed, success is repeatable.
🟢 ‘The only constant in life is change. You must keep changing and adapting or get left behind.’
🟢 ‘Rather than providing tips for women in the construction industry, I have a tip for the male leaders in the industry. The change starts with you. Proactive change is needed to address the gender imbalance in the sector’.
Here is the link to the web edition: