6 Steps to Scandi Home Decor Success

Scandi Home Decor is fresh, simple, functional, at times whimsical and bang on-trend. There’s much to love about ultra-chic Scandinavian interior design trends.

Perhaps best of all, it doesn’t cost the world to achieve your very own Scandi mecca, with large budget-conscious conglomerates (such as IKEA and Kmart) embracing the look with gusto in their latest homeware collections.

If you’re looking to shake things up by embracing Scandi style in your home, here are our key steps to make sure your new Nordic look is on point.

Start simple

To make the Scandi features of your new space sing, pare back your interior to the bare minimum. Remove any unnecessary and out of date furnishings, technology, books, ornaments and artwork. Make functionality your focus and ‘less is more’ your new décor mantra.

Once you’re done decluttering, freshen up your blank canvas with a coat of white paint on the walls, ceilings and skirtings. The white backdrop is the perfect launching off point to layer on eye catching textures and simple yet elegant furnishings typical of Scandi design.

Clean lines

When it comes to selecting rugs, pendant lights and furniture seek out designs with clean lines and geometric cues. Some of our favourite iconic designs include Hans Wegner chairs, Beni Ourain rugs, Risom chairs, Kubus candle holders and artichoke pendant lights.

The cool thing about Scandi style is that it can work for such a wide variety of budgets and tastes. Classic designer pieces paired with rustic reclaimed timber finds work seamlessly to create a clean yet rustic homely appeal.

Warm timber features

From timber wall cladding, chevron flooring, dining tables, bowls, chairs, shelves and firewood piles, Scandinavian interiors champion timber in all shapes and forms. Timber features go a long way to bringing homeliness and warmth to largely white and streamlined Scandi influenced spaces.

Some lucky people may already have timber flooring, exposed beams and timber furniture, so they’re already halfway there to a Scandi haven. But if you don’t have any of these features don’t stress. You can easily add a few key timber furnishings into your room to up the cosiness and texture stakes, such as a bedhead, dining table, occasional chair, bench or coffee table.

Monochrome art

Black and white artwork is another staple in Scandi decor. Fashion a gallery wall using a cluster of various types of black and white art, maps and photos, where the monochrome theme will stylishly tie the whole look together.

If you’re renting, lean your framed artworks along a wall, mantel or windowsill for that effortless and nonchalant Scandinavian feel. Plus, no damage is inflicted on your walls.

Muted hues

If the neutral colour palette of timber, black and white is feeling a tad uninteresting there’s no reason you can’t add some personality and play with colour in your décor. Peach, mint, dusty pink, soft blue and cool greys are all perfect pale shades for adding vibrant focal points but at the same time maintaining that relaxed pared-back Scandi atmosphere.

Embrace nature

Scandinavians love adding nature-inspired elements into every room of the house. So, don’t shy away from leafy green house plants, leather-backed wooden chairs, jute rugs, stone tableware, linen cushions, knitted poufs and sheepskin rugs casually tossed over the couch or bed. The more textures and natural materials the merrier!

Of course, these are just a few ways to achieve a Scandinavian look at home. There aren’t any hard and fast rules. You may want to use all six steps or just pick and choose a couple of your favourites to refresh your space.

Guest Blogger:

Larissa Gardner is a blogger, social media strategist and marketing coordinator at arguably Australia’s best looking, banner-ad free real estate website homely.com.au.