AFter mt lawley home with secondstorey and outdoor project by Amerex

Top 7 Benefits of a Home Renovation and Addition

1. A Home Renovation and Addition will Add considerable Value to your home.

A quality home renovation and home extension will add value to your home. This means that when you come to sell your home in the future, you will reap the rewards of the good decisions made many years prior.

2. Love your location? Then stay.

You may love your suburb and neighbours and simply do not want to move. A home renovation and addition will allow you to transform your home while having the huge benefit of staying right where you are – close to all of the amenities you know and love such as the local shops, school and parks.

3. Avoid Stamp Duty

Renovations avoid the huge stamp duty cost associated with buying and selling homes! Do not underestimate the cost of stamp duty, not to mention real estate agent and settlement fees. These are completely avoided with a home renovation.

4. Get your Dream Home

You will get the home that you want, that will perfectly suit you. Buying a new home is always a compromise. By undertaking a home renovation and addition on your existing home, you will end up with a dream home that perfectly matches the needs of both you and your family.

5. Extra Comfort

Are you putting up with an old kitchen, dated and horrible bathrooms or even an outside laundry? Consider how much more pleasant life can be with renewed spaces with modern conveniences that work! Cooking becomes a pleasure instead of a chore, and taking a bath becomes a luxurious experience that you look forward to. Not to mention what more space can do.

6. A new Home Extension means More Space!

Adding on more space can make a big difference to your lifestyle. Most Amerex clients with older homes, add open plan living at the rear of the home. This big difference for a character home is the shift from an old and dark kitchen that was disconnected from the lounge area, to shared living areas that support family living. New bathrooms, laundry and additional bedrooms are also popular. For those on a small block, a second storey addition is a great way to add more space.


7. Stylish Living

You work hard, and you deserve a beautiful home to return to and the end of the day. A complete renovation project will make returning home a pleasure. Your home will be more attractive, more stylish, comfortable and all yours!