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The FIVE Big Myths of TV Home Renovation Shows

In recent years, TV renovation shows such as The Block have helped fuel an increased interest in DIY home renovations. In 2020 the pandemic arrived, and we all started to spend much more time at home and less time travelling, therefore we all had surplus time and savings. The combination of these factors has meant that the renovations sector has been very busy. For both professional renovators such as us here at Amerex Renovations, and also for DIY’ers.

Inspiring Homeowners with Home Transformations that make viewers go WOW

TV renovation shows have helped fuel interest in DIY and help to inspire people to see what can be achieved with a little know-how and creativity. These shows specialise in transforming rooms and even whole houses for entertainment. They make it look fun, they make it look easy to achieve yourself and they make it look cheap!

The Impact of the Pandemic on Home Renovations

With more time at home nowadays as result of the changes to our lives brought on by the pandemic, homeowners are deciding to make changes to create home study areas, fixing neglected areas of the home and just giving their home a general spruce-up. For some this is an easy exercise with a fresh coat of paint and new window coverings making a huge difference. For others, it is the realisation that the family desperately needs more space, and it is time to embark on a home extension or second storey addition project.

The False Promise in TV show renovations

The trap for those looking to renovate is to have realistic expectations about the realistic cost, how long it takes and how long any renovations last! With the TV shows in particular, it is important to acknowledge that these shows exist for entertainment purposes. Their intention is to build fast and have visual impact for a low cost.


How much does it really cost to renovate? TV shows have products donated by suppliers in return for exposure. Trades work at ‘mates-rates’ to get the chance to be on a TV show. As such, it is important to understand that achieving the same perceived result for the same low-budget cost by yourself, and in an incredibly short timeframe, can be difficult or even impossible to achieve.


In reality, TV Shows are not building a solution to last the test of time. Viewers love the visual transformations in these shows but do not get to see the real results over time. Most of the TV show renovations are not built with longevity in mind. Their aim is primarily to achieve a short-term solution that will get the ‘wow’ factor for the moment that it is on our TV screens. Our ethos here at Amerex Renovations, is that if you are renovating your home, you should aim for a lasting solution and avoid the quick and sometimes flimsy fix.

The short term fixes that do not last…

For example, on TV shows kitchen cupboards are painted over, tiles are re-grouted or painted over to rejuvenate a bathroom. While these DIY solutions are quick and affordable, they are not the types of renovations done here at Amerex. Instead, we aim for a long-lasting quality solution. Our solution would be to replace the kitchen cabinets with new; bathroom tiles would be chipped off, wet areas waterproofed, new tiles are professionally laid, and new plumbing fixtures and fittings installed. This sets up the homeowners for a home that is built to withstand daily living for more than just a few months. Instead, they are set up for many years ahead and into the future.


The ticking time clock and the race against time are the hallmarks of a TV Renovation Show. Will they get it done in time? They create drama by creating the illusion of a false time pressure. Somehow, they invariably end up getting the impossible done in a short space of time. Imagine a new kitchen in 24 hours?! Think again. A kitchen needs to be planned and designed, fixture and fittings selected, stone benchtops prepared according to precise measurements (get this wrong and it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars), trades coordinated including plumbers and electricians and tilers and painters, appliances installed, flooring repaired in necessary and more. All in 24 hours? Not possible.


Often the TV Shows have homeowners performing their own renovations and they make the drama of the show around the late hours and challenges they face. The fact is however, behind the scenes when the cameras are not rolling, there is usually a team of qualified tradespersons giving them a hand to speed up the process.


No you can’t. If you are considering a DIY renovation, you will still need to engage trades for certain tasks. An unqualified person is not permitted to perform high-risk tasks such as asbestos removal or electrical work. These tasks can be dangerous and in WA must be done by a licenced person.


Nothing replaces a planned approach to your home renovation by renovation professionals. Getting professionals to plan and work on your renovation will yield the best results. Of course, we would say that! But that said, we do not mean to say that all DIY is bad.

We just urge you to embark on your renovation project with a plan and a realistic approach to the total cost, time it will take to complete your project (homeowners and owner/builders will typically take much longer than a renovation professional) and be realistic about the quality and standard you are willing to accept if you DIY. Cheap and fast rarely equates to quality.

If you are interested in kicking off a large renovation or extension project, we are standing by to help. Amerex are Perth’s leading home renovation company with a stack of industry awards including the WINNER of the WA HIA Professional Small Builder/Renovator of the Year a Western Australian record number of 5 times.

We live and breathe home renovations and are here to help you.