Winning Industry Awards – what makes Amerex different?

What makes Amerex different? We are often asked by people how does the HIA Professional Small Builder/Renovator award get judged? What criteria do they use? How has Amerex managed to win this prestigious and highly sought after award a record 5 times?! Most people understand how a Builder can win an award for a home renovation and house extension project. This is easy to understand as you can physically see what is being judged, that is, you can view the bricks and mortar and it is easier to comprehend why a WINNER has been awarded as a winner!

In contrast, the HIA Professional Small Builder/Renovator of the Year award is judged by assessing how the business operates as a whole. The judging takes into consideration a wide range of business management practices. The HIA (Housing Industry Association) summarises this by stating that this award Rewards sound business and financial management practices and that ‘Builders with high standards of customer service, and commitment to business practices’ are judged within this category. ‘Winners and finalists are held in the highest regard for their superior business management and are continually seeking ways to improve their practices.’ HIA Website.

So why has one Perth Builder – Amerex – won this major award an amazing 5 times, a record for Western Australia?

Well, this is a hard one to answer without giving away our trade secrets! I guess it is best explained by explaining that it is not anything specific, but is related to the overall approach that we take to everything that we do.

Effective systems and excellent planning

We believe that running an efficient business is critical to the success of our home renovation and house addition projects. As such, we have worked hard to ensure that our construction business is supported by strong organisational systems and excellent planning. Our professional and organised approach means that we are perfectly positioned to deliver quality home addition projects, on time and on budget, time and time again. Success is not left to chance.

Excellence does not happen by accident – as agreed by ancient philosopher Aristotle whose thinking was clearly ahead of his time:

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution. – Aristotle.<

We are what we repeatedly do: excellence then, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle

Professional approach on site and off site

Our professional approach is evident both on site and off site. The benefits of this approach flow on to all aspects of the business and ultimately are measured in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Suzanne Burke, the General Manager of Amerex Renovations says: “It is perhaps our commitment to continual improvement across all aspects of our business that has been the key contributor to our ongoing awards success. This starts with keeping up to date with current trends, keeping skills up to date, and right thru to the back office and managing the paperwork and systems. We ensure that we are across new technology, and are constantly improving and updating procedures.’’

We do what we say we will do!

On top of this, Amerex maintains an approachable and positive style across all communication aspects of the business. From a client point of view, this builds trust, as our clients know we say what we mean, and we do what we say we will do.

Commitment to our Job

Within the team itself, we promote the concept that everyone ‘owns’ their job. We encourage team members by saying ‘If you can see a better way of doing something – sing out! If you have a new idea – let’s hear it! If you see a problem, be part of the solution!’ We believe that allowing people to maximise their potential within their role means that they are fully invested in their job and love coming to work!

Excellence in Customer Service

The entire Amerex team are committed to high levels of achievement and excellence. This is often felt and noticed by clients very early in their renovation journey when they realise that the team in the office are so responsive to their needs. The Amerex team genuinely care and take pride in delivering excellence service to our wonderful clients, and this culture that is entrenched in the business and is known as the ‘Amerex way’.

We hope that the above has explained – at least in part – the secret to our Awards success, without giving too many clues away to our competitors!