Character Home Renovation and Addition Inspiration

Character Home Renovations and Additions have been the mainstay of Amerex projects for many years. In fact, we have now been renovating Perth character homes for well over 25 years. Along the way we have established ourselves as industry leaders within this renovation niche.

As a testament to our expertise and professionalism, we have received industry acknowledgement by winning the WA HIA Professional Small Builder and Renovator of the Year an unheard of 5 times!

With a wealth of experience and expertise in character home renovations, we know and understand key factors such as:

  • How to seamlessly blend the old character home with the new home addition.
  • How to retain character yet also modernise older homes with style and why using quality fixtures and materials is important.
  • What are the unique heritage requirements for Perth homes and how to work within those constraints.
  • What each council will allow and not allow on a character home addition, and how to design your addition to pass council requirements the first time.
  • What are the ‘hidden costs’ of renovating older homes, such as electrical upgrades and ensure this is fully costed in your fixed price quote.

Over the course of time, we have developed a huge catalogue of completed renovations and additions, just some of which are featured on this website.

In this brief article, we will discuss some key features of character home renovation and addition projects based on our experience. Read on to get inspiration for your Character Home Renovation and Addition project!

Second Storey Additions to Perth Character Homes: North Perth

When building a Second Storey Addition to a character home, there are many factors to consider. We are experienced at ensuring the end result is an addition that blends in and fits in with the character of your home. Importantly, the end result should have visitors confused as to which bit was new and which was added on.

In the home renovation in this picture, can you guess which parts of the home were added? Well, of course, it is obvious that the 2nd storey addition was added, after all that is what this article is about lol. However, did you also pick that the Garage was new too? Also the front fence? They all tie together, thanks to matching gables, and a modern yet ‘not out of character’ colour scheme.

You can read more about this stunning Second Storey addition and character home renovation, including internal photos, by clicking here.

Stunning Alfresco and Deck areas: Perth Home Extensions: Mt Lawley

The Perth climate means living in Perth is all about the outdoors. Almost without exception, nearly all of home additions and extensions include a deck area at the rear.

Sometimes this includes a complete outdoor kitchen, and all the modern conveniences of an indoor kitchen! Other times, it is simply a relaxing outdoor area where you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and clean air that we have here in Perth.

You can read more about this character home extension in a City of Stirling heritage precinct by clicking here.

Character Home Bathroom Renovations: Mt Hawthorn

Bathrooms are a very personal part of the home, and the style that you choose is up to you! Some of our clients like to give a nod to the heritage of the home and include claw foot baths and heritage style tiling. Others create a new and fully modern looking bathroom.

Whatever style a client goes for, we ensure that quality fixtures are used. With character homes, a bathroom makeover is usually an area of the home that is crying out for attention, so a makeover of any style brings a breath of fresh air to the home.

The end result is ALWAYS an incredible improvement on what was there before. Clients often remark to us that they wish they had done it much sooner! 

Character Home Kitchen Renovations – the heart of the home! North Perth.

We all know that kitchens are the heart of the home. Did you know that they also add considerable value to your home too? A quality kitchen renovation is an excellent investment in your home. It is also the Number 1 priority item for almost all Amerex clients undertaking a character home renovation.

We have come a long way since the original character homes were built. In many cases, a mini-renovation has been done in the kitchen at some stage over the years.

Today’s new kitchens have so many more features than a kitchen that was built even as recently as 15 years ago. Consider features such soft closing draws, fridges disguised behind cupboard doors, double ovens, stone bench-tops, breakfast bars and much much more.