Steve is interviewed for Bunnings Magazine about renovation budgets

┬áIn this month’s Bunnings magazine, Steve was interviewed about how to nail down renovation costs and how to manage a renovation budget.

A key piece of advice from Steve: “Getting a fixed price quote from a builder as early as possible in the design stages of your project is essential…..there is no point falling in love with a design, only to find when it is fully costed that it far exceeds what you can or are willing to pay.”

This comes from years of experience and Steve has seen some homeowners completely abandon their major renovation project because the cost to build the design ended up being far beyond what was expected.

This can be avoided if the builder and designer work together from the start with your renovation budget in mind at all times. Getting a builder on board at the design stage is critical. The builder can then ensure that your design remains within the scope of your budget and make sure that your dream home transformation becomes a reality.